Customer Service Training Case Study

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Strengthening Customer Service Training and Customer Capability – For World’s Leading Insurance Broker and Risk Adviser

The Challenge

A regular client of ours since the early 1990s, Marsh approached Training To Achieve with a specific brief to transform the customer service ethos and skills of two distinct internal audiences as they were going to be experiencing a significant change in business practice.

A new way of thinking and behaving towards key customers and stakeholders was required, along with new techniques and improved soft skills. The client anticipated some resistance to change and in particular to any training interventions.

The target audience included managers, team leaders and staff, many of whom had been working in the same way for years and who had not necessarily had roles involving a high degree of customer contact.  It was imperative that new approaches and fresh perspectives were embedded.

The Solution

Customer Service Training Case Study

We worked in partnership with the client over several months to design and prepare the optimum bespoke solution.

As this was a substantial change programme we selected senior people in the client business to join our focus group.  They brought and shared the internal tacit, technical and business knowledge and context.  We added our expertise in change management and soft skills programme design, development and delivery.

Together through our customer service training we identified team champions to aid the transfer of training and help change stick after the events.

A key success factor was also securing the involvement of business leaders on each workshop.  We even got them rolling their sleeves up and taking part in the interactive theatre exercises and telephone simulations!

The Results

This proved to be an extensive programme which was very well received by all the delegates.  The client achieved the results they were seeking:  Team leaders and technicians who were:

  • able and willing to think differently about customer service
  • use new approaches and skills successfully and
  • champion change in business practice.

The customer service training programme hit all deadlines and exceeded expectations.

As the client said “Exceptional feedback….A great success”.

Exceptional Feedback… a great success!