Getting people management right so that everyone can get on with achieving the business objectives is a real challenge.

People Management Skills equip your managers how to effectively develop their teams. Our Bespoke programme will help your managers achieve the best results.

If there’s one thing that businesses need more than ever at the moment it’s outstanding leaders and managers. In most environments 2011 is a tough time; for some it is brutal.  To managers it must feel as though they’re having to cope with new challenges and changes on a daily basis. This is why people management skills are so important for managers to get the best from their team.

The organisations that will not only survive but will actually flourish will be those with a high performance culture, with outstanding teams and individuals. Teams and culture will make all the difference – not the products and services. After all, differentiated products and services will always come and go.

So what do your senior people need to be doing?  Reliance on professional and operational skills is not enough.  With a drive towards efficiencies and effectiveness they need to be capable of thought leadership; they’ve got to be smarter; and they’ve got to give value-add – to their staff and their customers/clients.  Most importantly they will need to manage the performance of those who work for them.

There are twelve key challenges facing managers and leaders this year:

  1. When recruiting or promoting, how to choose the right person from a sea of applicants
  2. How to nurture and develop high performing individuals and teams
  3. How to manage performance using stretching goals, new ways of working, engagement and empowerment
  4. More than ever before how to tackle inefficiencies and underperformance
  5. Applying new approaches to think creatively and challenge the status quo
  6. How to improve their own personal effectiveness
  7. How to advance their skills to communicate confidently and persuasively and have those difficult conversations
  8. How to work collaboratively internally and across external boundaries
  9. How to create a relentless drive for customer service excellence
  10. When and how to test, analyse and check effectiveness
  11. What to do to manage change and become adept at moving self and teams out of comfort zones
  12. How to do all of this with more pressure and fewer resources

All our training, development, coaching and consultancy solutions are designed to help with these challenges. People management skills are an essential part of the managers tool box.